Manifest Obscura (ongoing)

In the Manifest Obscura series, iconic landscapes of the North American West are complicated and obfuscated by combining the tradition of large-format analog photography with microbial processes. Made using a simple pinhole camera, the soft, dreamlike images immediately frustrate our desire to consume and fetishize a sublime “Nature” — detail emerges only when microorganisms exert their own image of the world in place of ours. Control is ceded to chance as agency shifts to non-human interlocutors collected from each landscape. Lifeforms and image, locked in material embrace, both cultivate and destroy the other.

Recent + Upcoming Exhibitions:

  • Gallery 44, Surface, Sample, Site (group exhibition) – Toronto, ON (Canada) – September-October 2023
  • New York Hall of Science, Landscapes of Material and Mind (group exhibition) – Queens, NY (USA) – December 2021-February 2022
  • Kamloops Museum and Archives – Kamloops, British Columbia (Canada) – February-December 2021
  • Deluge Contemporary Art Gallery, Manifest Obscura (solo exhibition) – Victoria, British Columbia (Canada) – November-December 2019
  • The Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, Shores (group exhibition) – Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) – May-June 2019
  • The Polygon Gallery, The Lind Prize (group exhibition) – North Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) – September-October 2018
  • AHVA Gallery at UBC, Some Kind of Darkness (group exhibition) – Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) – September-October 2018

To see more images from this series, or for information regarding exhibition, send Ramey an email.

Pictured left, from top:
A fine sheet of water (2018)
Inkjet print
149.9 x 193 cm
Installation view at the Polygon Gallery
North Vancouver (Canada)
September-October 2018
Left: sharp and sibilant murmur (2018)
Giclee print
149.9 x 193 cm
Center: Microscope display with microbial culture on sheet film, live feed to HD display
Right: a fine sheet of water (2018)
Giclee print
149.9 x 193 cm